All downhill from Hare

Hare-ald tobogganing trivia challenge

Which six of the 12 names below were actual Hare toboggan runs this past winter?

Correct answers are in bold.

  1. Shooting Star
  2. Mrs. Nesbitt’s Tea Party
  3. The Screamer
  4. Mount Everest
  5. Wobbly Pop
  6. Bone Blaster
  7. Cold As Ice
  8. Pender’s Compromise
  9. Mr. Nesbitt’s Escape
  10. Monster Mash
  11. Boogaluge
  12. Flip Flop


Earn up to two extra bonus points! 

Of the toboggan runs listed in bold above, Piper and Simon each named one (Cory named the others). Can you guess which name is Piper's and which is Simon's? Well, can ya?

Click the box below to reveal the bonus answers.